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Our Mission is simple.. Protect you

At Watchtower, our mission is simple: to safeguard and empower creators. With a firm commitment to protecting our creators’ privacy, brand integrity, and content, we prioritize their interests above all else. As a creator-founded and focused company, we understand the unique challenges faced by content creators, particularly in the online landscape. Our goal is to provide comprehensive DMCA takedown services that not only combat piracy but also inspire confidence and enable creators to thrive in a secure and supportive environment.

Cleaning the web one Takedown at a time.

We believe every creator should have the peace of mind of having their content protected. That is why we offer a free audit to let you know if you are safe or you need our help. 


We search and authenticate illegal content.

State-of-the-art AI scans the vast web, ensuring no corner is left unchecked.

Our commitment is to identify and repair copyright violations.

Optimal protection for digital creators.


Our experts use advanced technology to carefully check for copyright issues. This unique collaboration ensures thorough defense of creators’ rights and digital work, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.


We automatically send removal requests.

Swift Response: Upon discovering illegal content on a link, we promptly remove it from search engine results.

Direct Engagement: We directly contact the source to request the removal of the content.


Our actions aim to render illegal content inaccessible on search engines and its source platforms. We connect our clients directly with experienced attorneys, so they can get tailored legal advice that fits their needs.

Client Testimonials

"As a smaller creator, I never imagined my OF content would end up on leak sites. Lawyers were asking for way too much to help, and I had no Idea what to do. My friend recommended Watchtower and I still can't believe how quickly they were able to get everything removed. Having this service has made me feel so much more comfortable when creating content for my account."
"..Honestly I didn't even know I had any leaks until until i tested out the free audit tool on their website. Even though seeing all the infringements that popped up was scary, the next steps they offered really helped give me a piece of mind. I chose the plan that was best suited for me and they took care of the rest. Using Watchtower I dont only know that those leaks were removed, i know they are constantly scanning for any potential leaks in the future. 10/10 i would recommend them to any other creator out there who doesn't want to worry about their content getting leaked anymore."
"When I first turned 19 my ex-boyfriends phone had been stolen and private pictures and videos that we took got leaked all over the web. I had to live with that and did not know where to turn. That was 6 years ago. Until I found Watchtower, I had no help. They had it taken down within 24 HOURS!! My only wish is that I knew of them back then. Thank you thank you thank you to the entire team, especially Sarah who helped me through the quick process."

Unmatched Protection. Flawless Reliability.

Take control of your content, and get started with a free audit to see how effective Watchtower protection really is!

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