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For Consistent Creators
  • Everything in Silver
  • 24/7 AI Powered Leak Detection
  • Unlimited Google, Bing, & Yahoo! search removals
  • 100 manual link submissions
  • 5 manual search hours per week
  • Daily Reporting


For The Top 1%
  • Everything in Gold and Silver
  • AI Powered Facial Detection
  • Deepfake Detection & Removal
  • Unlimited manual link submissions
  • Dedicated Specialist

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No sign-ups, emails, or other information necessary. Simply just type in your username and we will run your info through our detection program to see how many leaks, if any, are found. Find out in less than 1 minute. 


Using our industry-leading proprietary AI powered technology, we crawl the internet 24/7 for illegally hosted copies of your copyrighted work, as well as content that breaches GDPR.

When we find the content we automatically issue removal notices to search engines and the website source.

We strive to get content removed in 24 hours and have a high success rate at doing so. However, each website has its own removal times, but we suggest giving it at least 14 business days. Here are some example timelines:

– Google Web & Images: Up to 5 business days
– Reddit: Up to 7 business days
– Telegram: Up to 30 business days
– Fapello, fappening, etc: 2-3 days

We have plans to suit everyone, starting at just $111 a month. But we aim to make adjustments for creators just getting started you can contact us if you need a special circumstance.

We also have incredible pricing available for agencies, business & enterprise.

Yes. If you own the copyright, you have every right to take down illegal copies. 

You sure can! No sneaky forms, no silly emails. You can leave when you want, however, we will be heartbroken 🙁

No, we are a global service. We help every Creator no matter where they live.

You sure can. You’re not tied to a plan and can change at any time.

Sadly not. Some websites are not DMCA compliant – mostly Russian and Ukrainian websites. Most websites do comply as we are a trusted advocate for Creators.

However, these can all be removed from search engines.

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